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$45.00 away from free shipping!

A nonfiction book by Joey Cofone, Founder of Baronfig. Unlock Your Originality & Awaken Your Creative Genius.

Launches October 18, 2022. Preorder now and receive the first chapter—plus a couple extras—via email. 

  • Original nonfiction by Joey Cofone
  • Published by Baronfig
  • 438 pages · Hardcover
  • 5.3" x 7.9" x 1.1"
  • High quality cloth bookmark
  • Printed on archive-quality paper

The Laws of Creativity

Unlock Your Originality &
Awaken Your Creative Genius

A nonfiction book by Joey Cofone, Founder of Baronfig

"The Laws of Creativity is a comprehensive exploration of the curiosity, discipline, playfulness, and persistence necessary to usher new ideas into the world, and Joey Cofone is a brilliant guide."

—Josh Kaufman

Bestselling author of The Personal MBA, The First 20 Hours, and How to Fight a Hydra

Uncover the Practical Techniques to Limitless Creative Potential


The Laws of Mindset

Discover how to think more creatively and generate endless ideas.


The Laws of Action

Unleash the full power of the creative process and go from nothing to something, every time.


The Laws of Greatness

Find out how the best creators excel beyond the rest—and how you can too.

What's Inside

Some of the many things you'll be taught:

Better Thinking

  • 🧠 Express yourself without concern for what others think
  • 🧠 Generate ideas from everything you see and experience
  • 🧠 Overcome any type of creative fear at any phase of a project
  • 🧠 Transcend self-doubt and create with significantly less stress
  • Stronger Process

  • 💪 Supercharge and maintain your creative curiosity
  • 💪 Quickly and easily take ideas out of your head and into the world
  • 💪 Ideate effectively and identify great ideas from average ones
  • 💪 Finalize any project without the doubt that drags them along
  • Superior Results

  • 🚀 Balance work and play for the greatest effect possible
  • 🚀 Tailor your environment to support your creative goals
  • 🚀 Avoid wheel-spinning and maximize creative performance
  • 🚀 Go further, longer, better, and to greater effect than everyone else
  • About the Book

    Creativity isn’t magic. 🚫🪄

    A revealing and practical exploration of creativity: what it is, how it works, and how you can harness it in your everyday life.

    In The Laws of Creativity, award-winning creator, designer, and entrepreneur Joey Cofone demystifies the creative process by uncovering the thinking and science behind it, empowering the reader with practical, actionable steps toward creative excellence.

    The 39 laws within contain illuminating concepts and powerful instruction. Each law is illustrated with inspiring, enlightening, and surprising stories of iconic creators across history—including Albert Einstein, Serena Williams, Martin Luther King Jr., Harry Houdini, Grace Hopper, Bruce Lee, and many more—and breaks down how they wielded creativity to reach incredible heights.

    Creative thinking—humankind’s unique ability to combine unrelated and abstract ideas—has been utilized in countless ways since the dawn of humanity. Every day, people in creative and non-creative fields take advantage of creative thinking to reach all kinds of goals, personally and professionally.

    You can do it, too. Here’s how.

    "A comprehensive, witty—and accurate—deconstruction of creativity and how to grow something from nothing. The Laws of Creativity will change the way you think about creating—and living."

    —Debbie Millman

    Host of the podcast Design Matters and author of Why Design Matters