The Proven Power of Analog

Digital tools, like computers and phones, have many great uses. However, analog tools such as pen and paper excel in proven ways over their digital counterparts.


Idea Generation¹


Improved Focus²


Better Retention³

Science Behind the Products

Science-backed analog tools for thinking.

Think deeper.

Brainstorming and sharing ideas via a written medium is proven to produce 4x more ideas versus ideating and sharing via typing.¹

Stay focused.

Pen and paper has been compared against screen use, with studies showing that reading from pen and paper have a 3.2x lower rate of distraction

Retain information.

Writing notes by hand results in a 13% increase in information retention and recall versus taking notes with a keyboard.³

Well-designed products improve lives.

We’re on a journey to give thinkers the tools they need.

Bestselling Products

1. Michinov, N. Is Electronic Brainstorming or Brainwriting the Best Way to Improve Creative Performance in Groups? An Overlooked Comparison of Two Idea‐Generation Techniques.

2. Baron, S. N. Reading In A Digital Age.

3. Clinton, V. Reading From Paper Compared To Screens: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis.