How to Care for Your Squire Rollerball Pen

Like any good tool, the Squire Rollerball Pen needs a little tender loving care every now and then. Here are a few suggestions to make sure your Squire lasts a lifetime.

Store it in your pocket with the pen tip up.

The Squire uses a rollerball insert, which makes incredibly beautiful and dark lines, but can bleed if there’s lint in your pocket.

Be careful!

Dropping your Squire on its tip could damage its precision opening and prevent the tip from extending. If you're prone to dropping things–and don't worry, you're not alone–make sure to order a pen stand or a leather sheath for it.

Order ink cartridges before you need them.

There’s nothing worse than running out of ink and not having a replacement. Make sure you’re stocked.

Avoid extreme temperatures.

Don’t leave your Squire in temperatures below freezing or warmer than a hot summer day.

Patina happens.

If you're a proud owner of one of our Copper or Brass Squires, you may notice some patina after a few weeks of use. This is normal, and part of why pen users everywhere love them! If you're not a fan of the weathered look, carefully disassemble the pen and clean the outer parts with soap and water. Note that this is not necessary for our (nearly invincible) Stainless Steel Squire!

Bonus: Be careful who you let use it! 

The Squire has been known to inspire friends, family, and co-workers to “accidentally” walk away with it. ;)


Remember, the Squire is a tool. Like a hammer, it needs to be taken care of. It's built to last years and years as long as you care for it. Enjoy!

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