Team Baronfig’s Favorite Coffee Shops in NYC

We drink
a lot of coffee here at Baronfig HQ. We also drink a lot of coffee when we’re not at the studio, and have some strong opinions on the best spots in NYC to do so. From the ideal dog-spotting locale to what might just be the prettiest place in the five boroughs, consider your next coffee break planned.


Amy’s Bread - Hell’s Kitchen

Don’t be deterred by the name–this bakery makes some serious coffee too. With a friendly staff and an abundance of open seating, Amy’s Bread has everything going for it. Also, pastries!


 Devocion - Williamsburg

Devocion is here to get you through never-ending NYC winters, with a ceiling practically made of skylights and a two-story plant wall to remind you that one day, spring will come. The coffee is pretty great, too.


 Cafe Jax - Upper East Side

Every neighborhood should have a coffee shop exactly like Cafe Jax–perfect for secluding yourself for a productive afternoon or catching up with friends over cappuccinos, with an adorable patio in back.


 Homecoming - Greenpoint

Homecoming might just be the prettiest place in New York City. They make incredible coffee (try the Golden Turmeric Latte too), but be prepared to leave with an intense desire to re-decorate your apartment immediately.


 Gasoline Alley - Bowery

Named for the days when there were actual garages in this part of town, Gasoline Alley serves up stellar espresso in a sleek, minimal space. It’s also a great spot for dog (and people)-watching.

Is there somewhere in the five boroughs we need to try? Tweet @baronfig and let us know what we missed!

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