Spotted: Confidant

There are tens of thousands of Confidant pages full of thinker work out there! We’ve rounded up some of our favorites, from bullet journaling spreads to city sketches.

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Hey Lauren Hom, we think this is both eye candy AND soul food (via @homsweethom).

Mauricio Sanin shows off some backpack combinations–with a bonus limited-edition Bolt Squire (via @msaninm). 

Things we love: 1) the Confidant 2) New York City and 3) drawings of New York City in the Confidant (via @gavindedraw).

The cosmos in a notebook (via @the.whimsical.journal).

If you don’t bullet journal yet, here’s your inspiration. Now get planning (via @nohnoh.studies).

If only our shoes looked this cool in real life (via @joshcochran).


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