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What if time travel was real? Consider this notebook your very own time machine—and send letters to the future.

Letters to the Future

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Letters to the Future

Simple Observations


Over 375 prompts to get you thinking.

Explore the world around you.

Step back and take in the world around you with thought-provoking prompts that encourage you to write, draw, and think outside the box.

375+ bite-sized prompts.

Designed around our busy lifestyle, enjoy answering prompts in short bursts or long sessions—there’s always something to get your thoughts brewing.

In collaboration with
Shantell Martin.

Simple Observations was created in collaboration with artist Shantell Martin, featuring her signature black and white hand drawn style and inspiring question-based thinking.

An interactive limited edition.

Exercise your creativity.

Unfinish is a notebook filled with 175+ odd, unfinished images that invite you to finish, add, convolute, torment, tickle—and everything in between.

Designed in collaboration with Khoi Vinh.

New York-based designer Khoi Vinh had the idea to create a notebook filled with visual prompts. We collaborated with him to transform a Confidant into an inspirational companion.

A limited edition Confidant.

If you’re a fan of our flagship Confidant Notebook, this is the same great product with a twist. Remember—once they're gone, they're gone forever.

Your very own time machine.

Time travel pops up in books and movies, but imagine if it was real. What would you tell your older self? Letters to the Future is your very own time machine— what stories will you tell?

Includes letters and envelopes.

No letter is complete without an envelope. Use perforated letter pages and stylish, sealable envelopes to seal your favorites for the future.

Limited Edition

Letters to the Future is a limited edition, designed with craft and care. Once it is sold out, it’s gone forever. Baronfig does not reproduce limited editions, ever. Get yours while supplies last.

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