Introducing the New Squire Hex Pen

At Baronfig, we are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: the Squire Hex rollerball pen!

The Squire Hex is more than just a pen—it's a testament to feedback, innovation, and the belief that the “pen is mightier than the sword.”

This new pen elevates the act of writing, transforming it into an extraordinary experience...Squire Hex Rollerball Pen

A Fusion of Creativity and Engineering

The Squire Hex captures Baronfig’s commitment to simplicity, usefulness, and community. It combines creativity and engineering, with smart design meeting subtle elegance. This tool encourages exploration and the freedom to express ideas in countless ways.

Freedom to Make Your Mark

Enjoy the freedom to do it your way—whether you are note-taking, sketching, or brainstorming. The Squire Hex is your companion on this journey, helping ideas flow and thoughts come to life.

Squire Hex Rollerball Pen

The Power of Design and Functionality

Years of feedback and rigorous testing have led to the creation of the Squire Hex. This industrial-grade rollerball pen features a six-sided aluminum unibody design. It prevents rolling and provides ergonomic comfort for long writing sessions. At 5 inches long and weighing just 0.85 ounces, the design offers superior balance and ease of use.

The Squire Hex has a stainless steel tip with a 0.6mm width for precise strokes. Its cartridge-based ink refills ensure longevity and reliability. The innovative twist-to-open mechanism adds sophistication to your writing experience.

A Legacy Reimagined

Building on the legacy of the classic Squire pen and feedback from hundreds of thousands of customers, the Squire Hex represents Baronfig’s best pen yet!

It is a carefully crafted tool that can move nations, touch hearts, and create something from nothing.

Squire Hex Rollerball Pen

Write Your Own Story

The Squire Hex is more than a writing instrument. It’s an invitation to write your story and leave your mark on the world. Experience the future of writing with the Squire Hex and let your ideas flow effortlessly.

Are you ready to make your mark with the Squire Hex?



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