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Squire: Replacing the Ink Cartridge

Here's how to make sure your Squire is always flowing.

The Squire has a small feat of engineering that usually goes unnoticed: There’s only one moving part—the top twist—but it actually has two functions. First, it’s responsible for extending and retracting the pen tip. Second, it’s also the means by which you replace the rollerball ink cartridge.

How to Change the Ink Cartridge

  1. There’s a soft stop on the twist that prevents you from accidentally unscrewing the top every time you retract the pen. Simply twist past the stop (use a slight bit of force) and you’ll feel the top continue.
  2. Keep twisting until the top comes off. Make sure you’re holding the Squire upright so the cartridge and spring don’t fall out.
  3. Tilt the Squire body to access the ink cartridge, and pull it out. (Be careful not to tilt it too far and lose the spring.)
  4. Dispose of the empty refill, and insert the replacement.
  5. Twist the top back until the pen tip extracts. Slightly push beyond that point to make sure the cap tightens.
  6. You’re good to go!

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—The Baron Fig Team