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Introducing the Archer Pencil

Hundreds of years in the making.  

The pencil as we know today is the evolution of one of the oldest writing instruments known to man. It has a history of inspiring thinkers to put their ideas down on paper, to create something from nothing.

Designing the Archer pencil was something we took seriously here at Baron Fig. It’s a huge responsibility to respect the history of the tool which, just like the notebook, has been around for centuries. Every time we make a new product we do our best to respect that history, push things forward, and present everything in a way that helps us (and our customers) appreciate all of the above.

The Archer has been in development for 14 months, and we’re proud to finally be able to present it to you today. Each pack comes with 12 HB (aka #2) pencils, which are able to write over 408 miles of line and 675 thousand words..

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—The Baron Fig Team // Joey, Adam, Jay, Sam, & Chandler