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The Global Haiku Project is live!

Build haikus with people around the world  

Anyone can write a Haiku. They’re fun, easy—and dead simple. Together, we’re going to make Haikus with people from around the world. We like to think of the Global Haiku Project as a randomly matched creative collaboration.

How does it work?

We’ve all written a haiku at some point (most of us as kids in school). They’re a type of poem with a straightforward structure: three lines that have 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. That’s it. The Global Haiku Project adds a twist, however. Instead of writing three lines of the same haiku, you’re going to write them for three different ones. (Don’t worry we’ll lead you through it!) Here’s the general idea:

    1. Write the 1st line of a haiku

    2. Write the 2nd line to someone else’s haiku

    3. Write the 3rd line to two others’ haiku

    4. Done!

Give it a shot. It’s quick and painless, and in the end you’ll have contributed towards the creation of three separate haikus. Once each is complete you'll get an email with the haiku and an option to purchase a high quality cardstock print for $5, this way you can have a hard copy to enjoy!

What are Baron Fig Projects?

Our company mission is simple: To empower thinkers in their journey to create and inspire the world. Baron Fig Projects are a challenge for ourselves to create bite-sized “somethings” that everyone can enjoy. Each project is different, but they all aim to inspire.

When purchasing is involved we do our best to run projects at-cost, which means we don’t profit from them. The Global Haiku Project is a good example of this: you can get any of your Haikus printed and delivered to you for $5. This covers the cost of high-quality printing, envelopes, and US postage.

We hope you enjoy making haikus with people around the world!

Get started, Global Haiku Project by Baron Fig


—The Baron Fig Team