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Introducing the Apprentice

Together, we've created a beautifully simple and utterly functional pocket notebook. Meet the Apprentice.  

Six months ago we launched our first notebook, the Confidant. After months of feedback via hundreds of users, we’re releasing the Apprentice pocket notebook. It’s a direct response to the thoughts and suggestions you’ve been sending our way.

We believe that a notebook is a means to something greater than itself—a means of creating. The Apprentice is an extension of this belief, packaged into a notebook that's designed to be used by anyone, anywhere.

The Apprentice is a reflection of everyone involved, and is shaped by three self-imposed rules we follow here at Baron Fig:

  1. Less is more. We want the book to be simple. It shouldn't be covered with branding, design, or anything else. We want this to feel like it's your book, not ours.

  2. Reflect the process.Idea-generation is iterative, it's an ebb and flow of torment and elation, of order and chaos, discipline and impulse. The way we design, present, and develop the book should respect that.

  3. Listen to the people.Our decisions have been informed by our own experience and from talking to creative professionals from around the world. Every aspect of the book has been highly considered, including the dimensions, materials, paper thickness, and color.

We hope you enjoy using it! And we can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Check out the Apprentice »

—The Baron Fig Team