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Quality Lasting Paper

This may be obvious but it has to be said: a notebook or sketchbook is 95% paper. (We said it was obvious.)

This means that the quality of the paper in the book is of utmost importance. Somehow many books out there seem to ignore this fact, they use cheaper paper to cut corners. For those of us that use notebooks on a daily basis, quality paper is important.

When we started our search for the right paper we had three things in mind:

  1. It had to have a slight texture, nothing perfectly smooth.
  2. It had to be just barely off white, which makes the paper easier to stare at for long periods.
  3. It had to be acid-free so that we could store our books for decades without the paper degrading into a yellow block of uselessness. 

We explored paper options on the east and west coasts, felt all sorts of thicknesses and textures, and tested several mini booklets to see how they held up in action. After a lot of deliberation and discussion, we're happy to say we found what we were looking for. 

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