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Happy New Year! Our 2014 Mission

Thank you for all the support in 2013—with your help we’ve created the beginnings of something special. We’d like to share with you our Mission for 2014 and beyond.

We here at Baron Fig love to play and explore, but we also take our task seriously. We’re committed to making Sketchbooks & Notebooks designed with an underlying philosophy of simplicity, usefulness & community. It’s our hope that if we create something we can truly love, perhaps you will too.

Three Rules From Day One

In our very first blog post we laid out three rules that we held ourselves to in developing the first Baron Fig product. To this day they guide us on our journey.

  1. Less is more. We want the book to be simple. It shouldn't be covered with branding, design, or anything else. We want this to feel like it's your book, not ours.
  2. Reflect the process. Idea-generation is iterative, it's an ebb and flow of torment and elation, of order and chaos, discipline and impulse. The way we design, present, and develop the book should respect that.
  3. Listen to the people. Our decisions have been informed by our own experience and from talking to creative professionals from around the world. Every aspect of the book has been highly considered, including the dimensions, materials, paper thickness, and color.

Our Mission

Over the last several months we’ve explained our priorities across different aspects of our endeavor—including design, work ethic, and communication. Despite all of this, we’ve yet to unify them in a mission statement that goes beyond the What and gets to the Why we do what we do. 

As simple as it is, we’ve been working on our mission statement for a while now. It’s important that we get it right, because everything we do will be weighed against it. We hope you like it:

To champion thinkers in their journey to create and inspire the world.

—The Baron Fig Team

PS. We’d love to hear what you think. Shoot us a line via @baronfig and let us know!