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Meet the Confidant

Our notebooks go everywhere we do, they become a part of us. They're like a close friend—a Confidant.

Notebooks mean a lot to us here at Baron Fig. They’re the lifeblood of creative work, the repositories of ideas, sketches, notes—all of it. Naming our first book was a daunting task. We could’ve gone with Baron Fig Hardcover Gray and taken the easy route, but that’s no fun.

The names of our books should have meaning, like everything else we try to produce. We want the name to be a small nod towards the way the books are used.

So—we’d like to formally introduce you to the Confidant, the book you’ve been seeing over the past few months. They go on sale in our webstore on March 4 (next Tuesday). 

We hope you like them.

—The Baron Fig Team